8 Troubleshooting Tips For When Your Heavy Truck Will Not Start

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In a perfect world, your heavy truck will start each time you turn the ignition. Unfortunately, you do not live in a perfect world. If your truck will not start, there are several things you can check before calling for repair services.

  1. Check the cables. Raise the hood of your heavy truck and check for disconnected cables and wires. Reconnect the disconnected cables and wires, if possible.
  2. Inspect the ignition lock. Safety products will prevent the ignition from engaging. If you have any installed on your truck, disengage them before attempting to start your truck.
  3. Verify the battery's connections. When the battery is not properly connected, your truck will not start. The connections can sometimes wiggle loose over time. Ensure the connections are clean and tight.
  4. Heat the glow plugs. Depending on your truck, you might need to wait for the glow plugs to heat before you can get it to start. Allow approximately one minute for the plugs to properly heat.
  5. Ensure the truck is in the parked position. If the truck is in any gear but the parking position, it will not start. You will need to switch from the gear you are currently in back to park. Be sure to keep your foot on the brake as you shift positions.
  6. Check the cap on the fuel filter drain valve. If the cap is off, air is being sucked into your fuel lines which can cause the system to lock up. Replace the cap, bleed the system, and try to restart your truck.
  7. Use a fuel treatment. If the injection pump is worn, the fuel can become contaminated and it will prevent the truck from starting. If it starts after the treatment is added to your fuel, you need to have your injection pump inspected and possibly replaced.
  8. Inspect your air lines. If the air lines are frozen and keeping your truck from starting, the canister responsible for drying the lines might be defective. If you have experience with changing the canister, replace it with the appropriate type. Do not attempt to change it and call your mechanic such as G Force Diesel Service for an appointment.

Continued problems with starting the ignition on your heavy truck is a sign that you need to call on a professional for help. Inform the mechanic of what troubleshooting steps you have taken to try and solve your problem to help speed up the diagnosis of your truck's problems.


21 April 2015

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